About Memoryzer

Memoryzer is a simpler and easier way to organizer your digital memory.

The digital memory that we have about our digital environment helps us to achieve many tasks inside the digital world. However, our digital environment does not represent our personal data as we remember it, consequently demanding a high mental load to re-find it.

By building a web of concepts from our personal data, a richer representation of the digital environment closer to our mental model is formed: a web of digital memories.

This brings great benefit to users, especially, in re-finding information. Building a web of our digital memories is a multidisciplinary and challenging endeavor that Memoryzer aims to solve.

Company History

And About Privacy?

At Memoryzer YOU own your data!

We do not sell, comercialize it, or transfer your data to any other third-party.

Most services on the web run from selling your data to advertisers. They trace your connections, what you read and post, making big money out of it. This is intrusive, lack of privacy and add too little to your life experience.

The goal of memoryzer is emporwer people with their own data. Made simple, we do it right!

And if we change our mind?

All social networks started without ads and now have it. They changed the privacy policies as they wanted to make use of your valuable data.
Sell your data is a business model, a way to get money. We do not like it!

We trust that by providing a fantastic and useful service, you will be glad to pay a small fee (5 euro/dolar) to use it . This is how we will grow with Memoryzer, with your direct support.

Access to your data

To protect you from anything. You make very easy for you to dowload your entire data from Memoryzer with one click. Also, you can delete everything, at any time.

Support Memoryzer

Memoryzer is free!

We are working hard to soon offer special features to you.

Importantly, we will keep developing free features. If you pay a small amount for a premium account, you help support Memoryzer to get better every day.